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We are pleased to invite you to a one-day workshop on the Dell EMC
IDPA DP4400.

The Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 Test Drive describes how Dell EMC is
shaking up the data backup and recovery world with a new line of
products which address data protection for hyper-converged
infrastructures, cloud systems, and multi-locations ensuring consistent
backup and reliable recovery across all data.

Designed for end user technical decision makers and solution architects
who are responsible for storage and data protection solutions, the IDPA
Test Drive includes not just a group discussion of capabilities and use
cases, but also a range of hands-on activities that allow you to
experience the product and understand the relevance to your

The IDPA Workshop will cover:
• Lesson 1: IDPA Overview and Value Prop
• Lesson 2: Implementation and Features
• Lesson 3: Hardware Overview
IDPA Management v2.3
• Module 1: View the Management Structure
• Module 2: System Management
• Module 3: Restore and Search Image Level Backups