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One-day technical workshop on Dell EMC PowerStore delivered by Firefly Educate. Dell EMC PowerStore is a modern storage appliance, designed for the data era. In this Test Drive, we’ll show you the capabilities and underlying technology of this new NVMe and All-Flash platform, including how it leverages storage-class memory, data protection, and file services. PowerStore brings with it an abundance of tools to provide simplified operations and migrations; this Test Drive demonstrates how to integrate them into your existing DevOps and virtualized infrastructures. In the lab, you will have an opportunity to explore PowerStore’s features and management interfaces.

The PowerStore Workshop will cover:

  • Hands-on Labs (with Instructor supporting remotely)
    • PowerStore T- Administration and Management
    • PowerStore Data Protection
  • Test Drive™ on Dell EMC PowerStore Overview
    • What is PowerStore?
    • Features and Benefits
    • Where PowerStore Fits in the Dell Storage Portfolio
  • Data Availability and File Services
    • Discovery Utility
    • Resource Rebalancing
    • PowerStore Management Interface
    • DevOps, APIs, and CLI overview
  • Architecture and Operational Efficiencies
    • Architecture Overview
    • Services and Containers
    • Scaling PowerStore
    • Security and D@RE
    • Dedupe and Compression
    • Management Interface, CLI & REST API
    • Integrations – VMware
  • Integrations, Migration and Security
    • Licensing
    • System Support and Service

If you plan to attend, please register as soon as possible as seats are limited.We look forward to seeing you soon!



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