For those of you who have not yet begun your cloud journey, there are several free “trial” subscriptions that only require you enter some basic personal information and a credit card number (which will only be billed if you consume non-trial products or overstay your visit).

Anyone currently working on projects or running production workloads in the cloud knows there is a lot of information to consume.  Most cloud platforms provide utility that mirror traditional on-premise infrastructure and tools, however the naming conventions, acronyms, pricing models, add-on tools, etc. constitute a daunting amount of information.  In order to begin the process of assimilation, you should take advantage of the free offers listed below.

Even if you work in one of the major clouds every day, consuming information from the other offerings is advisable.  Most organizations are evaluating multi-cloud strategies so knowing competitive offerings will keep you on top of your game.  For those that don’t have opportunities (yet) to work in a cloud platform, start now to retain your relevance and enhance your understanding of what is available.  For those VMware shops looking for an easy entry point to the cloud, consider the single host trial from VMware below.

If you navigate the free offerings carefully you will be able to get your head in the clouds for free.

Free Trials:

A quick browser search for “Free Cloud Trial” will provide a cadre of additional offers.

Also take a quick peek at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation website (  for DevOps centric, open-source cloud information.