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SitePro Part 1

September 6th, 2021|

How did the software platform SitePro find their competitive edge? By making themselves the "one-stop shop" for oil and gas companies to combine what used to be multiple systems--each operated by a different third party--into a single, scalable, integrated system. For their customers, this means faster setup times for new facilities and efficient monitoring of their equipment. For SitePro, it means more business. Everyone wins. And, with the vast and affordable scalability @Azure provides, they are free to expand their services exactly when needed and not a moment before. Contact us to learn more about finding your competitive advantage with #Azure.

Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Public Cloud Revenue to Grow 17% in 2020

August 31st, 2021|

"At this point, cloud adoption is mainstream," said Sid Nag, research vice president at Gartner, Inc. The world's leading research and advisory company, Gartner forecasts a 17% growth in worldwide public cloud services in 2020. IaaS is forecast to grow 24%! Check out this press release and contact Achieve One for answers to your #Azure migration questions.

Nonprofit helps keep Italy’s workers—and their personal data—safer after adopting Microsoft 365

August 27th, 2021|

When a nonprofit in Italy needed to establish a secure, collaborative environment for its thousands of employees, it chose @Microsoft365 for its broad security capabilities. Access this story to learn why Microsoft 365 was the best option, and contact Achieve One for more information.

Microsoft’s four guiding principles for artificial intelligence

August 26th, 2021|

Without artificial intelligence (AI), organizing and extracting insights from vast amounts of enterprise data would be a nearly impossible task. Choosing the right AI capabilities is essential to successful initiatives. Read this infographic to learn the four guiding principles behind Microsoft #Azure #AI and why it remains the top choice for today's leading corporations.

Windows Server and SQL Server workloads are best on @Microsoft Azure for unparalleled innovation and unmatched security. Learn more about why business customers choose #Azure for their server workloads:

How Five Global Organizations Met Their Business Goals with #Multi-Cloud.

Cyberattacks happen, but there's no need to panic when you have #DellTechnologies #cyberrecovery services from Achieve One, a Dell partner. Let us help you recover with confidence.

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