Top Healthcare Provider


This customer is one of the top healthcare providers in the country. Much of its growth can be attributed to the acquisition of other hospital systems. As a result, numerous vendor PACs (Picture Archiving Communication Systems) were acquired. This created significant challenges in the management of the environment.  Collaborating between disparate PACs environments from hospital to hospital was complex to manage, very costly, and inefficient in delivering the business outcome that the clinicians and doctors needed.


The customer was looking to deconstruct their disparate PACs into a vendor neutral archive.  The outcome would result in an agnostic repository to simplify the management of images, decrease cost, and maximize the end user’s experience in accessing data.


Achieve One had both the expertise and strategic edge in the technologies needed to support a deconstructive PACs project. The customer was drawn to the flexibility that Achieve One brought to the table both in how the platform would be construed and in how the project would be procured.  The customer was able to utilize a utility model in which they only paid for the actual resources used in any given month.


DELL Technologies Isilon Generation 6 Node Configuration


  • The customer’s data center footprint was reduced by 70% 
  • Physicians and clinicians are now equipped with the ability to access images enterprise wide 
  • Complexity in management of the PACs is decreased 
  • Any future hospital acquisitions will be simplified from a data center standpoint
  • Growth is now easily scalable 
  • Environmentals were drastically increased 
  • The customer is now equipped with a foundational platform to support their current and future imagining needs 
  • Maximized financial flexibility  

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