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Medical Device Giant Enables Cloud-First Strategy

September 20th, 2021|

With a goal to move a 50% on-premises/50% cloud infrastructure by 2023, Boston Scientific was limited by a legacy, agent-based backup solution. They needed a modern data solution that was more secure and better suited to protecting data in AWS, with automation and agility. They're opting for Dell PowerStore because it's a solution that can scale with their needs while reducing hardware, management, maintenance and their overall footprint. Watch this video to get inspired by their experience.

Get Ready For What’s Next With PowerStore

September 17th, 2021|

Get ready for what's next with PowerStore — available from Achieve One. The newest release includes a powerful software update that brings increased performance, scale and resilience to every model in the portfolio. The software update includes AppsON scale-out to consolidate workloads with 4x the capacity and 4x the VMs, FC-NVMe support, Enhanced data reduction intelligence, Flexible SCM deployments, and DRE dual parity - up to 98% less management effort than traditional RAID*. The future of storage is here. *Claim based on Dell analysis of staff time required to deploy and maintain high availability array with Dell's Dynamic Resiliency Engine (DRE) vs. traditional RAID.

Microsoft Security & Compliance Adoption Guide

September 16th, 2021|

The new norm is remote work—which means employees and volunteers are working across many devices. Are you set up to identify and manage potential security risks? Access this guide and find out how your organization can implement security and compliance capabilities of #Microsoft 365. Contact Achieve One for more information.

Five Key Principles to Guide Your #Multi-Cloud Environment https://blogs.vmware.com/cloud/2022/01/03/five-key-principles-to-guide-your-multi-cloud-environment/?

https://oal.lu/lknfp  Learn all about where ransomware is headed, the current state of the threat landscape, and the best ways to secure your business.

Need a more agile way to keep pace with evolving demands? Watch & share this video showing how Nol-Tec Systems modernized its infrastructure using VMware Cloud Foundation and #DellEMC #PowerEdge servers. https://stuf.in/b8ittf

While cybersecurity evolves rapidly, two factors remain relatively still: the cyber skills gap and the increasing cost of cybercrime. We know that partnering with a trusted security vendor like Secureworks will help you achieve your desired outcome. https://oal.lu/CaGvM

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