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How NASCAR team Hendrick Motorsports uses Microsoft Teams to win races

September 27th, 2021|

Microsoft Teams provides a single system for all communication so you don't miss any important information. Legendary race team #HendrickMotorsports uses Teams to win more races, collaborating from the track to their headquarters. Learn how with this video:

Harness the Value of Your Data Capital to Drive Business Success

September 24th, 2021|

Be among the companies that are getting the most from their data today — and will continue to get the most from their data tomorrow. Future-proofing starts with our Forrester Report, Harness the Value of Your Data Capital To Drive Business Success, offered to you by Achieve One as a complimentary download.

Microsoft Teams helps legendary race team #HendrickMotorsports win races. Learn how they collaborate from the track to their headquarters with this video: https://stuf.in/b7coxm

56% of organizations believe their current data storage infrastructure limits their ability to get the most from their data. Download the report that will change the way you look at data, Harness the Value of Your Data Capital To Drive Business Success. https://stuf.in/b7ci7q

Prevent the loss of valuable data and get the lowest cost of ownership when you migrate to #Windows Server and SQL Server on @Azure. Learn more with this video from @Microsoft: https://stuf.in/b7c4zi

When Boston Scientific needed to evolve their compute and storage footprint, they partnered with Dell. That's because Dell PowerStore provides big time data innovation that scales and evolves with any business, at a midrange price. Watch the video. https://stuf.in/b7a2c2

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