With all the announcements, marketing, and demos of #DellTechWorld there was a constant, unstated theme.  The leading business enabling technologies for a multi-cloud infrastructure are from VMware.  Pat Gelsinger (CEO, VMware) did have—count them—two keynotes…at Dell World…

From on-premise, to VMC on AWS Hybrid Clouds, to Azure coming online, as the de-facto standard for Client-Server applications and the leading Enterprise-ready Kubernetes and DevOps solutions (VMware is positioned as the Enterprise leader in Kubernetes similar to how RedHat is the Enterprise leader in Linux), VMware is continuing to innovate and make operations seamless in an increasingly complex multi-cloud world (aka PKS, NSX-T, CloudHealth, HCX, etc, etc, etc.).

It’s also clear that for your On-Premise and client infrastructures, VMware on Dell EMC is THE SOLUTION in the market.   VMware is the critical glue of the infrastructure and the experience with Dell is simply better than anything else in the market.

The integrations and lifecycle management of VxRail with VMware Cloud Foundations (vSphere, vSAN, and NSX) is second to none – this is the integration and experience we were all hoping for back in the VCE vBlock days.  It’s here, and it’s solid.

Dell also nailed the financial side of the equation – how do you want to consume the technology?  Straight up purchase (some folks still do this), CapEx Lease, OpEx Lease, pay-for-what-you-use utility?  Yes.  Now with offering the Dell Cloud, Dell operates VxRail on YOUR FLOOR as a Managed Service Utility. . . This is a game changer.

Don’t forget your laptop—Dell’s PC-as-a-Service solution deeply integrated with VMware WorkspaceOne gives the best out of the box user experience.  You’re not still imaging your own laptops, are you?

TLDR; VMware is the answer for Multi-Cloud.  For the on-premise side (whether you own or just consume it) VMware on Dell EMC provides the best experience.

Stay tuned for Infrastructure-as-Code (spoiler – from VMware and available today).

Kevin Mingee, Sr. Solutions Architect